Things We Learned From Vin Scully Last Night

The Angels defeated the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine last night 3-2. Anytime a Dodgers game is being watched, it's always a must to listen in to Dodgers television announcer Vin Scully. The guy is a talking history baseball history book who has been announcing for the Dodgers since they were Brooklyn. His telecasts are always full of random stories, facts and phrases of a by-gone era. Last night, a few of these phrases and stories were jotted down. Enjoy:

Here's some things we learned last night from Vin Scully:

Howie Kendrick was nicknamed "truck" by former Angels pitching coach, Bud Black.
Kendrick was also cut from the baseball team as a freshman in community college.

According to Scully, Mike Scioscia claims that Chili Davis was the hardest that he was ever hit at a play at the plate.

Mike Scioscia was once bribed by a baseball fan named Anne with chocolate chip cookies to get an autograph. Now Mike Scioscia is married to her.

Lou Brock always tried to bunt at least once in every game.

The old polo grounds in NY was 505 ft from the base of the clubhouse to dead center.
They had a memorial there once for Giants player Eddie Grant, who died in WWII.

At one point, it was 490 to deep left field at the old Yankees Stadium and 488 to dead center.

All of baseball refers to LaTroy Hawkins as "Satch." Apparently, during one spring training game he had a photo of Satchel Paige in his locker and thus got the nickname.

Growing up, Albert Pujols lived very close to the local stadium in Santo Domingo. In fact, Pujols father operated a food stand where he sold sandwiches and soda directly underneath the stands. As a kid Pujols would help his father run the stand.

Ernesto Frieri uses to grind the corn for his grandma's tamale business in Venezuela. Frieri claims that the grinding strengthened his right arm so he attributes becoming a baseball player to his grandma.

Phrases We Particularly Enjoyed from Vin Scully Last Night:

"And, see ya." [on Aybar striking out]

"It is absolutely obscene, if you love baseball, what the modern game does to an 0-2 count. It's not the game I saw for so many years."

"Richards made a 102 pitches so I guess Mike thought it was time to hook 'em."

"Ethier had only five hits on the road-trip but he did tie a ribbon on the package with a grand slam in the final game of that trip."

"Meanwhile, Dee's making sure that belly-wopper didn't take too much out of him..." [on the slide by Dee Gordon after a stolen base]

"Mattingly's sweatin' out his man."

"Trout is a chip off the ole block."

"I figured Aybar wasn't gonna hang around and sure enough, he swung at the second pitch."

"You can write a book on how great of a hitter Pujols is."

"Dodgers have a 2-1 lead but its a shaky lead. Chris Capuano is really trying to fly on one wing."

"Here's a young fella who already put 29 away his rookie year." [On home runs by Mark Trumbo in 2011]

"This is part of the art of pitching in the big leagues." [On Richards trying to hold Dee Gordon on at first.]

"You know if this were a fight, you'd have to wonder how long he [Capuano] could hang in there."

"Certaintly, what the doctor would order for Capuano is a one-two-three inning."


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