Los Angeles Angels Starting Lineup Locked Up Through 2014

Jerry Dipoto must like what he has in the 2013 Los Angeles Angels. With the official signing of Alberto Callaspo to a two-year deal earlier this week the entire Angels starting lineup and (almost) the entire pitching staff is set for not just 2013 but 2014 as well.

Here is the projected starting lineup for 2013 and when they become a free agent.

C- Chris Iannetta (2016)
1B - Albert Pujols (2022) *full no-trade clause
2B - Howie Kendrick (2016) *limited no trade clause
SS - Erick Aybar (2017)
3B - Alberto Callaspo (2015)
LF - Mike Trout (2018)
CF - Peter Bourjos (2017)
RF - Josh Hamilton (2018)
DH - Mark Trumbo (2017)

P - Jered Weaver (2017) *full no-trade
P - C.J. Wilson (2017) *full no-trade in 2013, limited in consecutive contract years
P - Jason Vargas (2014)
P - Tommy Hanson (2014)
P - Joe Blanton (2015)

Those that lament the fact that the Angels have a weak and shallow farm system can perhaps take solace in that the Angels off-season next year will probably be a bit slow especially compared to the past two years. Not that the Angels will stand pat. That seems unlikely. And there are still many factors to take into consideration like trades and injuries. Not the mention there's going to be a few nice free agent pitchers on the market next off-season (Tim Lincecum, Matt GarzaJosh Johnson, and Chris Carpenter). However, it looks at first glance that perhaps Jerry Dipoto might start shoring up that minor league system in the near future considering that a large majority of the team is signed for years to come.

Of course, if the Angels miss the playoffs again in 2013 then that's a whole other story. Even then, the Angels over the past several years seem to always be in "contender mode." Even when the odds of making the playoffs have seemed slim at the trade deadline in past years, the Angels refuse to become sellers. This approach will likely continue moving forward, regardless of their 2013 season results.

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